Artwork Design & Files Types

We specialize in original artwork and design. We have an experienced in-house designer ready to help with creating your logo. Call for Pricing.

If you have a logo, there are different type of files that can be used. Print ready files are AI, EPS, SVG, Vector PDF with all text and fonts outlined. We can work with PSD, PNG, and JPG but this would require some art time to get it print ready. When creating artwork in AI and EPS files keep in mind that saving a ".jpg" or ".png" with the ".eps" handle does not create a vector format file. It is simply a raster image saved within a vector file. Therefore, these types of files may not print well and will likely require an art fee. We are happy to look at any files prior to getting started to see if the file is workable.


We craft your project by hand to ensure that you receive the highest quality product available. Embroidery is the perfect choice for any project that requires more high-end look for special presents, valued donors or corporate gifts. It can be applied to anything from polo shirts to hats to bags to towels. The beautiful, raised texture and intricate stitches truly make your logo or design come to life. Because the process is more detailed, it takes more time to do right.

Stock Thread Colors

We have stock thread colors to match your logo.